Supply chain management

•Offtake agreement
•Marketing agreement

We take the cargo from the road/warehouse onto a train via truck.

•Check train is clean
•Front loader to load train
•Check weight of the trains on weigh bridges
•Quality and quantity inspections
•Load train

Excavating, procurement and production

•Stock monitoring / Inventory management
•At the mine, we sample cargo for quantity and quality.
•At the wash plant, we manage stock lost (Yield).

Rail to Harbour / At Harbour

We load the cargo onto a train and send it to the harbour.

We take care of all the port agent activities, responsibilities and logistics:
•Freight rate negotiation
•Charter party agreements
•Customs clearance
•Laytime calculations

Ex- warehouse and ex- siding

•We transport the cargo to the warehouse via truck.
•Tonnages in
•Monitor contamination
•Quality and quantity control
•Stock certificate
•Quality certificate
•Loaded into containers
•Tonnages out

Cargo documents

•Bill of lading
•Quality certificate
•Quantity certificate
•Certificate of origin
•Draft surveying

Our Process


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